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Disch Remy

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          In the life of an artist, we discern periods called "youth" and "maturity", punctuated by courses in several styles, subjects or techniques. During these periods and these courses, some works are preserved by the artists. Then one day, the artist or his family in case of succession decides to separate from this Workshop Fund. It is then a unique opportunity to acquire a set of works of art on financial terms much lower than the quotation approved by the artist.

          A good opportunity to seize it, art to everyone.

          A gift ... An original work ...

          • Dos ( étude)

          • Nativité

          • Jeune fille au violon

          • Les enfants rouges, ( étude perso 2 et 3)

          • Les cheveux blancs

          • Les cheveux verts

          • Autoportrait au printemps

          • Lo

          • Les amants

          • La chambre rouge

          • Un certain jour d'avril

          • Le grand rendez vous

          • La sieste

          • Je t'aime, moi non plus.

          • Choses et autres

          • Isabelle

          • La séparation

          • Deux sœurs (étude)

          • Lolita

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