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Disch Remy


A couple of words… about change.

To begin, please be informed that I will be in a studio in the 12th arrondissement of Paris that calligrapher Victoire Le Corre has kindly given me access to during the following dates: 6 – 12 and 20-27 July.

I am making the most of this opportunity to work on my biggest piece of artwork: an enormous project, fragile and filled with modesty. 

It is also an opportunity to meet up, chat and share a lovely time together in a magnificent and history-filled workshop*. An important moment in the life of a painter.

To be perfectly honest, it’s always been crystal clear to me that painting was my calling.

Most of you already know that in a previous life, I was doing very well for myself as a director and that painting was a personal and hushed outlet, which, over the course of ten years and chance encounters led me to the Parisian galleries. Without truly knowing how or why, painting became self-evident. Today, this artform has taken over me and encourages me to connect with the world and with beings that touch my soul and nourish my endeavour.

Working in this studio is therefore a turning point: it will allow my art to take a whole new dimension, it will enable me to break free from the rules, be more independent and keep growing.

It is also the reason for which I am reconsidering the merits and the relevance of my current partnership with the maison Drouot.

My gut tells me that this adventure will take me elsewhere… Obviously, I shall keep you informed.

Today, more than ever, I need you to help me take the next big step; I need your energy, your support.

My goal is to keep painting and, down the line, own my own studio.

If you are looking to gift yourself own of my artworks*, now is the time: the works from my studio collection, like last year, boasts prices below my official listing.

To know that my paintings are in the homes of people that cherish my work, believe me, is food for my soul.

Be that as it may, summer is upon us; it freezes time, light and replenishes us with strength and energy to keep us aiming higher and further.

Thank you. Take care of yourselves.

* Please contact me to make an appointment before visiting the studio

* Payable in several instalments

If you received this letter, it is because you have requested it, or you have purchased my artwork.

Should you wish to be removed from this list, please do let me know.

Disch Rémy - Atelier 2019