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Disch Remy

Remy Disch, painter of the human soul, transforms the energies he senses, giving form to his work.

The self-taught artist began his career in the media world, then shifted course to a space of gentle, serene melancholy. There, he listens, silent, to the movements and murmurings of life bustling around him, transporting him elsewhere, to a place filled with tranquillity and mystery – a place where his sketches, studies and portraits no doubt reside before they come to him.

He first drew attention at the Drouot auction house in Paris eighteen years ago; his works have been traded ever since. Today Disch dreamily explores the aesthetic potential of balance, calling on the din of everyday life to still itself in a moment of calmed, peaceful disorientation.

The tilted faces that fill his work, reminiscent of the Italian renaissance with touches of Lynch and Modigliani, reveal what each becomes, dreams of: hope for a return, a wish to come true, a life to come. Each story crystallises there, each inspiration, each moment, before – in a single whisper – becoming allegorical figures that resonate across time, echoing all that has lived and all that is alive. Disch’s lines convey the very essence of his subjects, transforming them into timeless, meditative beings contemplating the artist and substantiating him.

The distinction between the canvas and the artist blurs, merging body and spirit as one: elevation towards a new incarnation.

Fabrizio Ramelli

photography © marlodisch